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Plugin to Add Google Analytics code to your wordpress pages

I bet that over 90% of wordpress sites are using google analytics for tracking. It gives complete statistics and you can figure out many things just by looking at values there. Some people are saying that analytics are not working well because they don’t track users who have javascript disabled, or they are counting the […]

Use tags to enhance your blog usability

I’ve seen many people that ignore tags on blogs. Tags are used to describe what the post or page is about. WordPress creates a page for every tag you use, when an user goes to a tag page he will see all articles that contain that tag. It is something like keywords. Even if you […]

Improve your WordPress CMS with right plugins

If you use Wordpress platform as a CMS for your website or your blog you are probably very satisfied of the speed and simplicity that you get.

Well i will post a list with some administration plugins that will make your wordpress experience even better than it is.