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It is better for WordPress themes to be free ?

You probably heard about the dispute between creator of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, and Thesis framework creator Chris Pearson. The real issue is that the creator of WordPress have a point against Premium WordPress Themes. Free is better. You like free stuff. You like when you go to KFC and you get a free garlic sauce […]

Should i use a theme framework for WordPress ?

This question raises to many webmasters that want to start a new website using wordpress. There is not an universal answer, it depends on what you want to do with your website. It also depends on you technical skills. If you want just to kick off a simple blog to post your toughts or you […]

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” has been released

The long waited new wordpress version is finally out. After months of announcements, testings and fixing the bug-free version is out. What wordpress 3.0 has new ? A new default theme, menu management, wordpress MU integration and a lighter admin panel.

The new WordPress 3.0

The final version of WordPress 3.0 was not released yet, but the release candidate version version number 3 is available, this means not much will change only some bug fixes if there are any. I tested the Beta Version few weeks ago, sharing my first thougths on wordpress 3, but today i started to implement […]

Top 10 Premium WordPress Templates

Premium templates are usually designed for specific uses of WordPress, not only blogs. For example: landing pages, consultation website, presentation website. Another aspect of premium themes is that they have advanced options that you can change directly from your administration panel. They have advanced features meant to avoid template programming. If you want to get […]

I wish to a perfect WordPress

I am happy with wordpress, i can do whatever i want, despite i still do many things from the code. Working with the code is not a problem for me, but it is for my clients. I tested wordpress advanced templates, theme frameworks or plugins to enhance wordpress usability, but the results are still far […]

Prepare your blog for the Easter

I know the Easter is not the same for all people. There are so many differences: religion, region, etc. But this should not stand between you and your community. Prepare your blog for easter by either customizing your theme for easter, or by using a complete new one.

How to easy modify template files in wordpress

You installed wordpress, found a great theme, installed some plugins but you want to personalize the look of your blog. You need to change the copyright text, you want to add a custom header image, you want to make the post titles smaller or other changes. To do that the best way is to quick […]

Split testing in WordPress

Split testing is a technique used by website marketers to find the optimal page layout for maximizing conversion rate. Conversion rate can be a sale, a lead, an user registration, a click somewhere. When you make a change to a website you can’t be sure of it’s impact until you see the results. Before people […]

Genesis WordPress Theme Framework Review

Last week i had a client who liked a child theme for genesis, provided by studiopress and i had to work with genesis theme framework. Now i want to share with you how it was to work with genesis and where is good at. My first impression was that it was somewhat built for wordpress […]