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Best WordPress Themes as of February 2012

I know there are already quite a few of these articles on this site, and there should have been more themes included in the first article bearing this name. Unfortunately, we couldn’t actually fit all those themes in here, so this article will be about another few great WordPress Themes. Without further ado, we proudly […]

A Few Really Awesome WordPress Themes

In the past, we have seen or heard about some really good themes. Well, right now we are going to take a closer look at the more interesting ones and hopefully help you decide what the next theme for your website is going to be.

A better way to find good wordpress themes

I talked many times about Genesis, a framework which adds a lot of functionalities to wordpress. With genesis you can manage the content and the layout of your site much better. Unfortunately, if you want to customize the look and feel of Genesis, you can either start from the default genesis template and then modify […]

Top 10 WordPress themes 2011

Well as time has passed, so have advances been made in all fields of activity. Since dwelling in the past is quite a rough way to live your life, time to get a reality check and look at what today’s BEST WordPress themes are. This edition focuses mostly on the themes that could be life-saving if […]

How to add widgets to your theme without hiding the current ones

If you just got a new theme, free or premium and you want to add some widgets to your sidebar the following problem will occur: Whenever you add a widget from your admin panel, the current widgets will disappear. This is happening because theme sidebars are coded in that way to let you choose what […]

The Best Real Estate WordPress Theme

I am aware that the real estate segment is down right now, but this don’t mean that there is not space left for real estate websites. People were used to spend a lot of money to get the right house they didn’t cared if they spent tens of thousands of dollars only for agencies to […]

Build a Wiki site with WordPress

Wiki websites are built to serve for help and support for a product or service, or to make an online database on a certain topic. Wiki were very popular few years ago when a lot of wiki websites were appeared, trying to be a smaller wikipedia to cover a subject. It was a result of […]

Best Place to get Professional WordPress Themes from 1$

If you are not already aware of themeforest.com you should start browsing it. It is a place where you can find over 3000 Professional premium wordpress themes for prices starting from 1$ only. The themes are divided in categories based on the use case for any theme: presentation theme, blog theme, product page, landing page […]

Christmas WordPress Theme

The Christmas is almost here. The final preparations are made. While I’m not involved in preparing the Christmas meal, I wanted to share something cool with my readers. Here it is a very nice Christmas WordPress Theme.

How to Create Drag & Drop WordPress Themes

If you want to start a wordpress website but you don’t know HTML and CSS you depend on your programmer. For every small thing you want to change you have to call him again, ask him to do, wait until he reach the computer and then see the changes to see what is to be […]