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How to find a SEO Company

If you run a website then you surely are thinking a lot about SEO or how to get traffic from search engines. It is not as simple as it looks and it is very time consuming. The best way is to find a SEO company to work with. I bet you are receiving hundreds emails […]

Is Outsourcing the SEO worth it ? Choosing Individual, Companies or Resellers.

Search Engine Optimization is very important for blogs and websites. All the big bloggers and websites reached that level with the help of SEO. When you start a blog or a website you can buy ads, promote your new domain to press releases, pay bloggers to blog about you. You get a good amount of […]

Website Promotional Tools

There are numerous search engine optimization programs and services being offered in the online market today but what is considered to be the best ones out there? Deciding which one is very much debatable and can actually be based on one’s personal preference but there are a number of people that dabble in web design […]

Controversy Digital Point Co-Op Network recommended in Aaron Wall SeoBook

There is a lot of controversy around the digitalpoint co-op network which promises visitors that they will get million of links indexed. For who doesn’t know the co-op network is a service provided by digitalpoint, the same one who provide one of the biggest webmaster related forums. The co-op network is practically a link-farm very […]

How to Boost Your SEO Ranking Through Twitter

If your business doesn’t appear on the first page of a Google search, you don’t exist. That may not be entirely true. Of course, you still have a business, office, employees, clients, customers, and more. But it will be significantly harder for you to expand your business if people can’t find you easily on the […]

The Best Tools to Analyze your SEO Ranks and Competition

People are frequenting asking me what tool I use to check my rankings, competing sites rankings or websites where I might be interested to put my link to. What I dislike is when they cme to me and ask: “Do you use the XYZ seo spyware/spy glass/ competition finder/other fancy and long name tool to […]

Career Opportunities in SEO/SEM

Are you interested in a career in SEO/SEM? According to the SEMPO Institute, there are thousands of job openings in the online marketing industry and many of the job descriptions include search engine marketing experience. Experienced and entry-level SEO/SEM professionals are needed. SEO Job Categories Many of the SEO/SEM firms, particularly the larger firms, have […]

Is SEO Worth It for Blogs?

When you start a blog you have to make a plan. A plan contain milestones and strategies used to reach the milestones. The milestones should be based on your capabilities. Traffic is the most important for you blog. If you don’t have anyone to see your articles means you are wasting time on writing them. […]

I wish to a perfect WordPress

I am happy with wordpress, i can do whatever i want, despite i still do many things from the code. Working with the code is not a problem for me, but it is for my clients. I tested wordpress advanced templates, theme frameworks or plugins to enhance wordpress usability, but the results are still far […]

Plugins that you must use for any blog

There are about 9000 wordpress plugins only in the wordpress plugin directory. Many other are created but for some reason they are not listed in the official directory. For example the paid ones can’t be included. The fact that they are paid does not guarantee quality, but we can hope for good things. If you […]