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How to use Google Website Optimizer on WordPress

I can easily notice that people start to use wordpress often and often not just to add the blog functionality to their websites. They want to easy manage the content and they see wordpress as  a good content management system. It is very easy to make a presentation site in wordpress, few things to change, […]

Split testing in WordPress

Split testing is a technique used by website marketers to find the optimal page layout for maximizing conversion rate. Conversion rate can be a sale, a lead, an user registration, a click somewhere. When you make a change to a website you can’t be sure of it’s impact until you see the results. Before people […]

When you know it is time to move to a new Host

Like all bloggers and webmasters you start either with a shared hosting, wither you ask a friend if he can help you with hosting for your site. You assume that your website will not generate too much traffic. It is true, a shared hosting can be the best choice. A shared hosting means that on […]

Genesis WordPress Theme Framework Review

Last week i had a client who liked a child theme for genesis, provided by studiopress and i had to work with genesis theme framework. Now i want to share with you how it was to work with genesis and where is good at. My first impression was that it was somewhat built for wordpress […]

WordPress guide: admin panel explained

The wordpress CMS is the best user friendly content management system around here. You can get your website up and running in 15 minutes with wordpress. The wordpress administration panel is very easy to understand, but there are people that still having some problems using it. After wordpress installation, if you want to maximize the […]

Plugin: Easily navigate pages on dashboard

I have a passion to browse trough wordpress plugins and see what everyone does. I am amazed by how many things you can do with wordpress by installing plugins. It is almost full customizable, you can change it in exact the way you want. Everything stands in the right plugins, and you can change wordpress […]

Video tutorial to quick install and configure wordpress

This is a video with a wordpress installation, configuration. It includes theme installation, plugin installation and working with sidebar widgets. It is 12 minutes long and covers database, subdomain and ftp creation trough cpanel. Basically it is a video version on my tutorial: “How to quick install wordpress as a CMS“, but it does not […]

How to quick install and start your website right away with wordpress

WordPress is an awesome content management system designed for everyone. If you are a simple blogger and you want to share your thoughts with other people, or you want an advanced website wordpress is for you. It is quick to setup and easy to customize. WordPress won the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award in […]