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Adding editor blocks in sidebars ( block-based widgets ), new WordPress feature in 5.8

Few years ago, WordPress introduced the block editor, also known as Gutenberg editor. With the block-editor it was easy to create and edit the layout of a post or a page, adding blocks or sections directly into each page. Blocks can be builtin or created by plugins.

WordPress block editor enabled bloggers to easily add advanced features to pages and posts, directly from the adminitration panel.

With WordPress 5.8, we can use the same blocks with sidebars. Until now, we were limited to widgets. Now, we can edit the content of a sidebar in the same way we edit a post or a page: dragging blocks to the sidebar.

I think this is a great addition to WordPress and a feature many expected.

After you update your WordPress to 5.8, when you go to Appearance -> Widgets, you will see a completely changed interface to deal with sidebar appearance.

For each sidebar defined, you can add blocks, in the same way you add them on the post editor. Old widgets will still work, but they are listed as blocks.

With such updates, managing a WordPress website becomes easier and it is becoming a better content management system.

3 Benefits Of Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing is known as the usage of the internet to promote services. Businesses would help with various tools to market the products. Social media marketing allows you to pay for the click, blogging, content writing marketing, direct marketing, etc. In contrast, IT services help refer to the business applications and technical expertise that would enable organizations. It would allow for the creation, optimization, access, and management of information of business procedures. 

However long your business has an online presence, your clients will consistently discover you. Organizations can utilize this data to send updates to their clients regarding unique limits, new items or administrations, new coupons, and items accessible. Besides, organizations can keep associating with their customers after the deal. 

Let’s discuss the three benefits of Internet marketing as mentioned below:

Global Advancement reach

Internet marketing offers businesses a great reach of customers for their services and products. Whereas companies from different nations with minor to medium enterprises would gain access to millions of customers and followers. Social media is an excellent platform for business purposes to reach out to many followers and customers to enhance your business. If you have a more significant number of customers on your page, the higher your sales. 

With the help of online marketing campaigns, you can advertise your business anytime. You have a 24/7 marketing policy available where you will not have to worry about staff wages. Meantime, the time variations from the different cities in the world would not affect your agency at all. The customers can access your website and services being no fear of closing hours. 

Less Cost range

Cost is an essential factor in any marketing campaign where it affects the company’s budget. Businesses can avoid the high price range of marketing-related with traditional forms with the help of internet marketing and blogging. Internet marketing is way cheaper than radio ads or TV and creating billboards. 

Social media has an essential role in modern businesses. Customers would look at reviews and comments posted by other customers online and buy from the page. Thoughts are very influential towards the new customers, to enhance the reach of the page. 

Good quality content and ease of personalization

Electronic showcasing empowers organizations to tailor their promoting strategies to suit the necessities of their intended interest group. Organizations can likewise customize correspondence among them and their customers. It guarantees that your administration or item will arrive at your possibilities practically. Moreover, it fortifies the brand picture and presence of the organization. 

Content rules on the web, and it draws in regular connections. If the substance of your site is acceptable, others will need to allude to it, and this will draw in individuals to your site. Ensure that your site is reliably streaming with new, educative, and essential data that your clients are searching for 

Today, there is an expansion in the number of shoppers who purchase items and administrations on the web. Accordingly, an ever-increasing number of organizations worldwide are presently falling back on the web showcasing to associate with their clients and publicize their items and administrations. It separates them from their rivals and assists them with expanding their overall revenues.

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Hopefully, the details mentioned above related to the article named 3 Benefits Of Internet Marketing would help you understand it carefully.

Some of the three main benefits of internet marketing mentioned above are as follow:

  1. Global Advancement reach
  2. Less Cost range
  3. Good quality content and ease of personalization

Going through the main details of internet marketing, you know that nowadays, each and everyone is on the internet. Some are shopping online, so some are working for their business settlement. Hence internet marketing is a huge advancement that helps people gain more customers and enhance their business accordingly. If you have any queries, feel free to ask for a better understanding.

Top 10 Most Important Settings You Should Know About WordPress

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WordPress is a content management system that has gained much popularity in recent years and has become an essential part of the internet. It is an incredible tool that helps developers and organizations to design their websites without any struggle. Moreover, it also provides technical support to customize a website that best suits your business purpose.

WordPress comes with several built-in search optimization tools. It has SEO-friendly themes. Thousands of themes can be installed into WordPress in a single click and then configured to display the site’s content in different colors and styles that attract most of the audience. If you are new to WordPress, you can hire a consultancy for optimizing your website; SEO consultancy UK can be the best for you as a first-timer WordPress SEO experts provide exceptional SEO strategies for WordPress Websites to boost traffic and rankings. 

When you install WordPress, you need to know the ten most important things to make your website optimized and ground running.

#1. Give your website Tagline and Name

Tagline and name are essential things as they give identity to your website. And every website needs a good and unique name to be known by the people. The tagline is a short description that most websites use that explains what your website is about. Some websites also use slogans or mottoes for this purpose. Doing this setting, you need to go to the Settings » General, in your WP dashboard. After this, go to the right at the top of the screen, you will see two options, one to change your site’s title and another to alter its tagline. And don’t forget to scroll down and save changes.

#2. Set your websites URL Address

URL addresses play an essential part as it is the address that helps people to reach your website. The URL address should be built to match the WordPress URL unless you are giving WordPress its directory. If you are using WordPress in a different guide, then you need to make the settings. 

#3. Delete default contents

When you install WordPress, many other dummy contents include alongside by default. It is because some hosting companies use auto-installer, and other content gets installed along with WordPress. So delete those unwanted contents and clean up space.

#4. Set your user account

One of the necessary settings is to manage your user account. You need to fill out some fields, including your public profile picture, name, and contact information. It is up to you that how you want to mention your name on the website, your nickname, first or last name. Add your avatar and bio information. There is another option which is for changing the password. You can change your password from time to time to maintain security.

#5. Choose a theme

After giving name, tagline, and URL address to your website, the next step is to bring an excellent look to your website that will help you to attract most of the audience. WordPress has many themes, and it is the theme that determines the appearance of your website. There are many free and paid themes in the WordPress directory. If you choose a paid theme for your website, you get many options such as optimizing opportunities, smoothness in functionality, frequent updates, and many more. Remember that the themes have different codes and function differently, so it is crucial to refer to their respective support documentation.

#6. Install plugins

Plugins are also essential for the websites and need to be installed because they help improve your WordPress website functionalities. You can found plugins on the WordPress plugin directory or the third-party web developer’s website. WordPress is featured in such a way that you don’t need anything else for blogging alone. To access the features like service listings, two-factor authentication logins, payment processing, and many more, you need to install plugins.

#7. Update timezone, data, and time formate

Timezone and date settings are significant. You need to go to the settings>> General there; you will find the timezone date and time settings option. Choose the time zone for the city where you are, and then your work will be scheduled according to your time. For Date and Time format settings control the way they are displayed on your site.

#8. Upload Favicon

Every website has a favicon. A small logo appears on your browser tab and represents your website across the web and different devices, and gives a professional look to your website. It’s a kind of visual identity that helps people to easily and quickly recognize your website.

#9. Add categories

When you install WordPress, it is uncategorized, and you need to categorize your posts. You will plan the editorial categories easily when you have different types, and you don’t need to figure it out. So make categories for each post. Otherwise, your post will automatically be archived under the default category. For making it more attractive, you can also write a description for each post category; it will be effective for SEO rankings.

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#10. Link WordPress with Google Analytics

Every developer or website builder wants its website functions to perform efficiently. Linking your WordPress website with Google Analytics can help you make the website’s statistics and plan more robust strategies. It will also help you analyze your traffic by the given stats and to understand your audience. You can say google analytics enables you to track your operational data to make management decisions accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

As a WordPress or any other website owner, you will always want to run your site efficiently. WordPress is a system that helps the users build a highly customizable website of their preference and blogging on their own, so you need to know about the basic setting after the installation of WordPress. Here in this article, we have listed the top ten settings that are required to function correctly.

Are push notifications the new email lists ?

Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Few years ago email marketing – creating lists with customers emails – were the most effective way to raise engagement, sales, commissions, etc.

These days, email marketing seems to fade out and leave the space for the new kid in town: push notifications.

Same as email marketing, it is a way to get the attention of a subscribed user on a regular basis, delivered directly into their browser.

Unlike email marketing, there is no GDPR, disclaimers, double opt-in, spam score, technical issues, etc.

A lot of complementary services were created around push notifications: buying and selling push notification ads, getting paid for sending users to subscribe on other websites push notifications, etc.

Propush.me is a company that allows you to earn by referring users to subscribe to push notifications.

Push notifications won’t end in spam or promotions folder, but the subscribers will be lost when the browser or device is changed.

You can start sending push notifications from WordPress by using OneSignal WordPress plugin. They also offer a great variety of promotional messanging services.

Here are some articles where you can see the differences and compare push notifications with email marketing: Web Push Notifications vs Email Marketing, What is the difference between push notifications and email marketing, Better Lead Generation Channel.

Google Adsense Links Ads are being retired

Google Adsense anounced few days ago that Link Ad units will be retred on March 10 2021.

Link Ads was, for many years, a good choice for publishers. They were preferred because they seemed more like the content and less like other ads. Our eyes are trained to skip image ads, but link ads look more like the website content, like a list of recommendations.

Display ads is not my first option for website monetization, because I achieve better return on investment in other ways: SaaS, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, etc, but on the websites I used it in the past I experienced better CPM for Links Ads. They look more natural and I always thought that image ads are ruining the design.

I don’t think there is anything we can do to bring Link Ads back, but we hope that they know what they are doing and that they did the right decision.

Affilorama: a great affiliate marketing community

Affilorama is one of the oldest and greatest affiliate marketing community, and it is free to join. There are tons of videos that helps you to learn affiliate marketing, and a great community where you will find fellow affiliate marketers eager to help you.

Affilorama was founded 13 years ago by Mark Ling. During this time it had helped affiliate marketers to learn how to get into this business.

You will also gain access to a wide variety of tools that will help you in your affiliate marketing journey.

There are many great internet marketing communities, but Affilorama is focused only on affiliate marketing.

If you are not a member yet, do it now, it is free to join.

How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Product or Service

If you want to compete in today’s marketplace, you better make sure you have the best keywords.

Keywords are what ultimately determine if, and how much, traffic you get from the search engines. To understand what the best keywords are for your website, you must first understand what “best” really means when it comes to your website, products and services.

Good Keywords Explained

One thing you will quickly learn is that not all keywords are created equal. At their very core, keywords are simple words that tell website visitors, and the search engines, what your website is all about.

Good keywords are keywords that are relevant to the products and services you are offering. Let’s say for example you sell shoes online. If you had to choose between the keywords “shoes” and “feet”, the best keyword in this scenario would be “shoes”.

The keyword “shoes” is not only relevant, but it is also a keyword your target audience will be searching for.

Best Keywords vs. Good Keywords

Good keywords are usually more general keywords. The best keywords however are more specific. Sticking with the shoe company example, the keyword “shoes” would be considered a good keyword.

The best keywords however would be something like “basketball shoes” or “running shoes”. These keywords are specific and they will drive very targeted traffic to your website.

For best results you should have a combination of the best keywords and good keywords placed strategically throughout your website.

An SEO expert will be able to not only help you find relevant keywords, but they will also be able to help you implement said keywords in a very strategic fashion.

The Best Way To Find The Best Keywords

The best way to find the best keywords is to work with a professional media company such as 445 Media. They have years of experience and offer a broad range of services that can help you drive more traffic to your website and ultimately make more sales.

Some of the services they offer include social media marketing, PPC marketing, SEO optimization, keyword generation and keyword implementation just to name a few.

How to find out if your site is impacted by Google algorithm updates

The worst nightmare for any internet marketer who relies on traffic from Google is a sudden drop in rankings. Dropping in rankings can happen suddenly when Google makes significant changes to their algorithm. These changes are made to prevent SPAM sites and search engine position engineering. No one knows the formula behind google search engine algorithm, but a lot of researchers are trying to find out what are the factors that influence search engine positions. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Can you still make money with Google Adsense in 2017 ?

When I started in Internet Marketing, about 12 years ago, Google Adsense was the best way to monetize a website. They paid by click and the payment was good. As Internet marketing grew, other ways to monetize a website became available to any type of internet marketer: affiliate marketing, product selling, subscriptions, etc. The revenue earned from Google Adsense decreased as more and more publishers wanted to make money with their website. In the same time, Google added more and more ad spots on their search engine, so most advertisers focused on search, where the good traffic is, instead of the display network where they have less control where their ad appears. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Ways In Which Google AMP Will Affect Your Marketing Strategy

There are some design or search trends you can choose to ignore. Google AMP is definitely not one of those trends. It is already having a significant impact on online marketing strategies across the globe. Its biggest impact is on SEO marketing strategies, but its influence can be felt elsewhere as well. [Read the rest of this entry…]