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Entries for February, 2011

Top WordPress Security Plugins

Although WordPress is known for its security, it never hurts to add additional security measures to your site, not only for your safety but for the safety of your readers whether it may be email address protection or firewall protection. WordPress Security Scan is a plugin that scans WordPress installation for vulnerabilities in security and […]

Branding your WordPress blog

“Branding” is basically the process of giving a market identity to a product. For blogs, it’s essential. Not all WordPress blogs look alike, but with common themes and way too many cookie cutter templates, anything which makes your blog stand out is a plus. For marketing purposes, you have to do a lot more than […]

13 000 plugins and counting

The wordpress plugin directory hosts over 13 000 plugins right now. The number of plugins developed for wordpress have raised in the last year. In the same period of 2010 we could find only 7000 plugins in the wordpress official plugin directory. This means we are not counting plugins that for any reason are not […]

Build a Wiki site with WordPress

Wiki websites are built to serve for help and support for a product or service, or to make an online database on a certain topic. Wiki were very popular few years ago when a lot of wiki websites were appeared, trying to be a smaller wikipedia to cover a subject. It was a result of […]

WordPress becomes more secure with the latest update

WordPress 3.0.5 was released this week. I know you are hardly wait for the new and improved 3.1 release but it will not come so soon. The release candidate 4 of WordPress 3.1 was also announced this week. Further testing and feedback is required to it can hit an official release. In the wordpress 3.0.5 […]

Promote your website with sponsored reviews

If you want to launch a website, service or product, or you simple want to get more visitors to your current website, getting reviewed is a great way. If you are in business for some time, or you worked as a marketer for other website you know what I’m talking about. A small article recommending […]

Facebook Chat replacement for Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger was very popular in the last several years in many areas. While other services like MSN, ICQ are failing in front of Google or Facebook chat, yahoo messenger is still growing despite of huge competition. Probably the next big thing in the industry is the Facebook chat, but let’s be honest, it is […]

Web Development Search Specialists

Who does not have a computer these days? When we talk about computers, the word “internet” is inseparable from it. Life has become so much dependent on the internet, so to say, that it is difficult to imagine life without it. A day that passes without access to Internet is no less than a torture. […]

Controversy Digital Point Co-Op Network recommended in Aaron Wall SeoBook

There is a lot of controversy around the digitalpoint co-op network which promises visitors that they will get million of links indexed. For who doesn’t know the co-op network is a service provided by digitalpoint, the same one who provide one of the biggest webmaster related forums. The co-op network is practically a link-farm very […]

How to prevent your wordpress from brute force attack

For who doesn’t know what brute force, it is a technique of finding a password by repetitive attempts. A hacker who wants to find your password will make a script that will automatically try to login with all combinations possible of passwords. How hard is this to be completed ? Depending on the password and […]