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Ways In Which Google AMP Will Affect Your Marketing Strategy

There are some design or search trends you can choose to ignore. Google AMP is definitely not one of those trends. It is already having a significant impact on online marketing strategies across the globe. Its biggest impact is on SEO marketing strategies, but its influence can be felt elsewhere as well.

A Quick Introduction To Google AMP

Without going too far into the specifics, it is safe to say that Google AMP is all about going fast. It is a framework designed with the intent of delivering simple web pages to mobile devices at incredibly high speeds.

Web pages are designed using the Google AMP framework, which is a combination of AMP HTML, AMP JS, and a Google AMP Cache server. The end result is a web page that can load several times faster than the traditional page on a mobile device. There are some restrictions with the design, but these restrictions are there to cut away elements that slow down loading time and take away from the user experience.

Speed Improves Ad Views

The improved speed is going to have several interesting effects on your marketing campaign. One of those effects is that can potentially improve the overall number of ad views. How so?

Slower pages have a much higher abandonment rate. If someone abandons your web page before it finishes loading, then they are never going to see your advertisements and receive an impression. These pages load much faster, thus, they receive significantly higher page views. That is good in its own right and it also means that any advertisements on the page are going to receive more views as well.

There was some concern in the past how Google would support advertisements in the AMP framework without harming their speeds. They have recently confirmed that AMP will have full support for ads from ad servers of your choice. You will have full control over the placement and the same analytic tools you are familiar with to measure to their success. (https://amphtml.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/amp-what-about-ads/)

Speed Will Improve Page Ranking

There are two ways in the which the speed of AMP pages will benefit the page ranking. First, it is well known that page speed is a very important ranking metric. Faster pages will get better rankings. Thus, Google AMP is an obvious choice for page design in terms of SEO.

Second, Google has placed a lot of importance on mobile friendly web design as of late. Any site that can pass Google’s series of mobile friendly tests earns better rankings. Since AMP is designed specifically for boosting the speed of pages on mobile devices, it stands to reason that these pages will pass the tests and be considered “mobile friendly” according to Google.

Google AMP Carousel

Though the Google AMP Carousel may not be around forever, right now it is a great feature that is showcasing the AMP framework capabilities and giving those who have used the AMP framework an edge over the competition.

This new carousel will only feature news stories that are hosted on AMP-specific pages. The pages load extremely fast and then, the user can swipe over to a new story. It is a win-win situation for the publisher, as well as, the user.

Creating a news story using the AMP framework could affect your marketing strategy in a positive way. The carousel is placed above all of the other organic search results on Google. So even if your site is not yet dominating the organic SERPs, you can still gain significant visibility by relying on the AMP framework.

Future Benefits

As the feature is developed and improved further, there will certainly be more incentives to use it in your marketing campaign. There are already several ways in which the AMP framework has a positive effect on marketing strategies. That number is only going to increase as Google pushes for faster, more mobile-friendly web pages.

Sparky Parker has over 35 years of related experience in marketing, internet sales and engineering. He owns and operates FrontRangeMarketeer.com, which helps local businesses generate more leads and attract new customers.

Remember Google Wave ? Try P2 WordPress Theme.

Google Wave was a short lived google product that facilitated the communications between teams. It was first released in 2009, and in 2010, Google already announced that it will be closed. Some pundits say that it was shut down to make space for Google Buzz, who later became Google plus. Maybe it was not wide known and accepted, but most of the users that used it are now regretting it.


Today, while searching around WordPress Template directory, I found the P2 template. It is not a copy of Wave, but the way content is arranged made me to think about it. The template has a very light interface where content can be added directly from the home page. It can be used for a better collaboration between teams. It is quick and efficient. It looks a little like reddit, but it is not rating and “up” based, instead, all posts are shown on the homepage like any other blog, so you can see all content not only the “top posts”. The content with comments is accessible from home page and you have all other blog features like categories, tags, etc.


I know that Google Wave had many features that this wordpress template doesn’t, but it might be considered a simplified version. With the right development, it might become a great tool for collaboration.

The first real alternative to Adblockers

There is a long debate around adblockers and intrusive ads. We all hate intrusive ads that slow down the page load. Some of us hate all ads regardless or their intrusiveness. On the other hand, a lot of website owners rely on ads as main income stream. Both sides are right, but the problem here is that there wasn’t a real alternative to adblockers.

Pro Adblocker arguments

Ads are making web experience worse by causing slow page loading, intensive resource usage, risk of potential malware, etc. With an ad blocker you will have a better online experience.

You are not tracked by the ad-networks and they don’t get the chance to use your data in other campaigns. You are not followed anymore by repetitive ads.

Website owners arguments

Most websites are powered by the ads that are displayed on pages you visit. If someone likes a page, it will visit it often and will ultimately click on ads. The website owner can continue providing the content or maintaining the tools by making a living from ad revenue.

Free content will suffer because of adblockers. Since content providers can’t make money from ads, they will find something else to do or starting to charge for the content.

The real cause of the problem

Without any doubt, the real cause of the problem are intrusive ads or over-usage. People got tired of closing the ads that are hiding page content, or continuously clicking on: “take me to the article”. It is very often hard to spot what you are looking for because you are too distracted by ads. We all remember those “you won a million dollars” or “you are the 1 million visitor to this page, click to claim your prize”.

Because of this shady techniques, the fair website owners suffer. We can’t be offended by a fair text or image ad from google adsense, but most adblockers block any advertisement. Those who are savvy enough to use adblockers, know that the million visitor is a scam, so those shady websites don’t lose too much because the existence of ad blockers.

The real impact of the Adblockers

According to different sources, 10-15% of internet users are using software to block ads. This means a lower income for websites that rely 100% on ads. As a website owner myself, I know that a website that shows ads, will also show some affiliate links and selling ads directly to interested advertisers ( which are not blocked by adblockers because they are looking as normal image links ). Summing it up, the impact is less than 10% on any website. This is not an amount that should discourage someone to provide quality content. Also, ad blocker users usually don’t click on ads.


Since adblockers first appeared, website owners were terrified that they might lose all the ad income and ideas arrived. There are techniques or tools that can block visitors using adblocker to view the website. Well, this is not a real solution. Any website owner should know that any visitor is worth, regardless he clicks on ads or not. Any visitor has a potential to tell someone else about the website, share it on social networks, etc. Blocking adblock users is just not worth it.

Google Contributor

This project is launched for some time, but I think that it is the only real alternative to the display advertising and adblocker problem. All webmasters  who are using Google Adsense or DoubleClick for publishers can enroll in the program. They will get money from people who visit their website for every ad that is not displayed. The visitors will pay a small fee $2, $5 or $10. Instead of seeing ads, they can see a blank space or other creative.

At first, they will be reticent to paying for content. But sooner or later they will understand that people who write the content, or who create the web tools must be paid too.

Google Contributor is still in early stages and it’s not available in all countries, but I hope that it will solve a big problem on web.

Automattic brings WordAds to Self-Hosted WordPress

Today, Automattic announced on their blog that they have released the AdControl plugin. With this plugin, any self-hosted WordPress site can earn income trough wordpress.com ad network: WordAds .

WordAds is the Ad Network used on all WordPress.com hosted blogs. Normal users of hosted wordpress can’t opt out WordAds unless they are purchasing VIP or Premium membership. The revenue earned is shared with the blog owners.

Normally, WordAds offers ads in a middle rectangle unit ( 300×250 )placed directly below post content. Some sites also show a header leaderboard and a sidebar wide skyscraper.

Self-hosted wordpress users can now make money from their blogs and websites too by opting into WordAds network. First, they must apply for an WordAds account and download and install AdControl plugin ( make sure Jetpack is installed ). At this moment, the plugin allows only the middle rectangle ad ( 300×250 ) under the post content.

This is a big step ahead for Automattic and WordPress. According to Builtwith.com, there are more than 15 million websites built with WordPress. This is a big opportunity for self-hosted wordpress users to earn more revenue, but also for Advertisers to find new ways to advertise. With this move, there is a new big player in the Ad industry.

Here is the official announcement.

WordPress Geolocation Plugin

There are cases when you need to show different content to different users based on their country, or you want to restrict website usage for some areas in which you need to make use of geolocation. There are a lot of tools or apis you can use to accomplish this but you must implement it on your own. To solve this issue, I have created IPGP Geolocation wordpress plugin.


The process is simple. After you install and activate the plugin, you need to select the countries you want to redirect and insert the redirection URL. All traffic coming from those countries will be redirected to that URL.



If you have any problems, suggestions or you only want to give some feedback please use our support page.

How to find available keyword rich domain names

Keyword rich domain names are great if they match popular keywords. They are widely used in Internet Marketing for promotional campaigns or host specific products. Keyword stuffed domain names can help SEO because whenever someone place a link to the website, it will have the main keywords in anchor text. You don’t have to worry for over-optimization penalties.

For this purpose, I have developed Mazedom – Popular Keyword Domain Finder. To find great domain names, go to Google Adwords Keyword tool, and export a list with your desired popular keywords. Upload in our tool and wait to see the magic.

Fight the writers block

As you might have noticed, I don’t post at the frequency I was used to when I started this blog. I don’t think I had what is called “the writers block”, but the lack of ideas to write about was an important factor. Sometimes you think that you are out of ideas to post on the blog, but there are a lot of things to write about in your topic, but there is something more, like a block.

I read a lot of articles about writers block and got a lot of advice. Everything worked only once. For something to work, it must be simple. Today someone told me about a tool that would overcome writer’s blog and generate blog post ideas. At first, I was thinking that it is another website that probably won’t work, but when I tried it, many ideas of blog posts to write about came into my mind. And you only have to click one button.

The tool will not give you ideas on what to write about, nor advice. This tool will suggest you how to start the title of a blog post. Once I saw first few suggestions, a lot of things to write about come into my head. The tools is putting your mind to work.



WordPress 4.0 Released: New Editorial Experience

WordPress 4.0 has just launched today, with new post, media and plugin management interface improvements. Why I am really excited about this is that a lot of people I know complained about the WordPress post editor because it was not real wysiwyg or because it is hard to embed videos or other media. For someone who is making a full time income by writing, this is very important. Switching from visual to text editor and back many times so you can embed a video is frustrating.

In the latest WordPress release, you can embed youtube videos, tweets or other embedable media only by inserting the link into the visual editor. More,  you can play the video directly from the editor. Also, now the content textarea will expand as your content grows, so you won’t have to scroll inside, letting you focus more on your content.


Another area where WordPress was criticized is the plugin manager from WordPress. In WordPress 4.0, there is a new plugin management interface where all the information about the plugins, including reviews is available.


Media library manager was also improved. Video and image management is now much easier with the new AJAX interface.

How to maximize your Affiliate revenue

boxIf you are in Internet Marketing for some time, you know that you can make more money from your website with affiliate links rather than displaying ads. Ads are very easy to set-up, you just place the ad codes in hot areas of your site and then you just keep checking the earnings. Placing affiliate links is also easy, but you have to go to the merchant site, find products to promote related to your content, add the links, then make sure that the links are still working, remove broken links, update links, etc. What if I told you there is an automated way to do all this ?

Wp Auto Affilate Links PRO automatically connect to Facebook and Clickbank, get the links relevant to your content, and place them into your content. The links will be placed on product references, product categories, hot phrases, etc. Easier than setting up ad units. You only set your affiliate id, your website category, how many links you want to be displayed and you are done.

The plugin also has a manual functionality, where you can get your own links and set which keywords ( or keyphrases ) you want them to be displayed on. So, what are you waiting for ? You can install the plugin directly from your administration panel. Go to “Plugins” -> Add new and search for “auto affiliate links”.

Learning About Building Websites

Customer who want to learn more here about building websites should begin to educate themselves before they invest in a new website. A brand new website for a business is going to increase profits for the business, but the business owners must make sure they are using the right techniques to produce a profitable website for their business.
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