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Entries for December, 2010

How to Leverage Social Media for Traffic and Links

I bet you hear many times every day that Social Media is powerful and you should not miss the opportunity to get into the boat. You read all over how powerful social media is and you already have a profile with lots of friends, a fan page for your website but no one is coming […]

WordPress 3.0.3 released

A new version of wordpress has been released today. It is 3.0.3 and it is the third release after the big move to 3.0. This version comes soon after the 3.0.2 version which was reported to have serious issues. This release is to fix the problems in the recent 3.0.2 release.

The best free way to add membership ability to your WordPress website

With wordpress being more and more popular, the need to do more advanced things grows as well. Simple websites, simple blogs that become popular posting articles or doing something else want to expand their reach and add more features and functionality to websites. A point that every website reach at a certain moment is to […]

How to create a page that looks different than your wordpress theme

Creating one or more pages that looks completely different from your wordpress theme is a challenge. I am asked this many times every day. Why would someone need to create a page that will show different from other pages ? The most common use is a landing page. On a landing page you don’t want […]

Five plugins to make your blog viral, while protecting it from spam comment activities

WordPress provides a lot of extensions which often confuse fresh WP owners. Furthermore, a variety of plugins exist that serve identical main objective and have exactly the same capabilities. Here are some basic plugins to get you up and running, without hassle and complicated set up. WordPress itself is pretty diverse, but it is the […]

The Clickbank counter is fake

While i was analyzing the Clickbank homepage I stared for few seconds to the earnings counter. I tried to see how much income is generated every second but i noticed that the counter is incremented every time with the same number. Well, it was the lucky number: 7. Probably this brings luck to clickbank affiliates.

The Best Portfolio WordPress Theme

Recently I was in the place to build a portfolio website for a friend. He told me he want to impress his customers with a different type of website that can show it’s portfolio, his work done in past years. I’ve remembered a very nice theme that i stumbled previous days. What i liked the […]

How to make your website multilingual with WordPress

Having a multilingual blog or website is a decision that many website owners have to make. If you don’t live in an english speaking country then your native language differs from english and you ask yourself what language to write your website in. If you want to go global, the answer is definately english, but […]

The Best Magazine WordPress Theme

Blogs are replacing newspapers and magazines. Now it is very easy to write an article and distribute it to the world on a personal blog. You need a hosting, a domain and WordPress. If you want to write news or informative articles to your blog you should use a Magazine theme. The look and feel […]

How to Prevent Email Hacking

What is hacking? The term hacking mean steal and recover some data from others computer as well as from web or some other device. In the present world there are available hackers all over the world to hack the important documents and crush down pc within moments. The main purpose of them is to steal […]