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Entries for January, 2011

Who is Online: Top Profiles of Web-goers

business online team from Crestock Stock Images No matter where you go in life you face the possibility of being profiled. These profiles determine how people will interact with you, how information is retained and sent to you and how you are essentially handled by companies and other people. In the real world humans are […]

Career Opportunities in SEO/SEM

Are you interested in a career in SEO/SEM? According to the SEMPO Institute, there are thousands of job openings in the online marketing industry and many of the job descriptions include search engine marketing experience. Experienced and entry-level SEO/SEM professionals are needed. SEO Job Categories Many of the SEO/SEM firms, particularly the larger firms, have […]

Auto add affiliate links to your website

I currently run several websites and also help some friends to run theirs. Most of the websites I run are content based: articles and stories on certain topics, mainly about computers. Content websites are simply to maintain, they don’t require too advanced skills but they still take a lot of time. When it comes to […]

Before installing, make sure your wordpress theme is safe

There are so many wordpress themes available for free that it is so easy to lose counting. On the wordpress official theme directory are available only about 1400 themes. It is a small number compared to all available free wordpress themes. There is a good reason why the themes are not available in the official […]

Keys to Effective Blog Content – Relevant, Entertaining, and Informative

What you’ve heard is true. Content is king. If you have a blog, your number one priority should be content that is effective. But what does that really mean? Effective content has one or more of the following properties: relevancy, entertainment potential, or ability to inform. All content must have some sort of value to […]

Top 7 Freelancing Websites for WordPress Developers

If you are a wordpress developer or designer you should be fine with money in the following years. The number of websites running wordpress are increasing drastically and webmasters can’t ignore the benefit of managing the content themselves. Meanwhile, to make changes to the way website looks is not so easy that anyone can do, […]

Two Clever Amazon Plugins for WordPress

One of the most versatile ways to insert Amazon affiliate ads into your WordPress site content is by using an Amazon plugin — but only a few plugins distinguish themselves by being really clever in the way they help you show those Amazon ads. My two favorite Amazon WordPress plugins are: WordPress-Amazon-Associate (WAA, for short) […]

Best Place to get Professional WordPress Themes from 1$

If you are not already aware of themeforest.com you should start browsing it. It is a place where you can find over 3000 Professional premium wordpress themes for prices starting from 1$ only. The themes are divided in categories based on the use case for any theme: presentation theme, blog theme, product page, landing page […]

The best way to add Facebook to your blog

Whenever you post an article you would like it to be re-distributed, shared and re-twitted thousand of times. To accomplish this is very important to make it very easy to share content on your website. Many visitors will like your website but if the sharing process is complicated they will never share what you write.