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Top 7 most popular plugins of 2010

One of the best reasons for using WordPress is the online community of experienced software designers which generate dozens of useful plugins. Should you look at the WordPress Plugin Directory you will certainly discover thousands of accessible software ready to supply your own WordPress blog/site with some extra personality. In fact, there is actually a […]

Why you should outsource your work

When you start your small online business or just a simple website you will be more likely to do all the work for yourself. It is a right decision, because you are not sure where to drive your money ( if you have any money ) and you have a lot of time. If you […]

Scorpion WordPress Theme

I’ve noticed recently that many people come to my site searching for “Scorpion Theme”. First, i asked myself if there is an wordpress theme called Scorpion. I searched on google and i found it. Here it is the full featured Scorpion theme. Despite my website url i’m not associated in any way with the theme […]

How to learn wordpress ? Why not reading a book ?

Which is the faster way to learn WordPress ? Reading blogs, reading a forum ? Reading a book maybe ? Which is the best way then ? Learning something don’t have a standart set of rules. You can learn something in various ways.  The way you choose may include several learning methods: blogs, forums, books, […]

Top 7 Places to Search for Free WordPress Themes

First thing that you do after you install WordPress is to search for a suitable and good looking template to use on your website. Most of the time people look to get them from the WordPress theme directory. Although you can find great themes into official directory, you will have a hard time  to search. […]

The best free wordpress theme i’ve found so far

Searching for a good wordpress theme is not hard, but it is a very important step when you want to start a blog or website with wordpress. The problem is that there are so many themes that it is very hard to decide. There are so many that you are never convinced that the theme […]

Want to learn wordpress ? Watch a video course

Looking for a way to learn wordpress fast ? Here you go. Learning with videos is easy as you can see exactly how to do things. Few months ago i created a comprehensive video course about wordpress. It contains everything you want to know from creating the database on your webhosting to theme editing.

Blogger or WordPress

I know this has been discussed over and over last few years on the Internet, but with the increased number of internet users i keep getting the same question again and again. What i want to point out is when someone ask what is better: blogger or wordpress, he refers to the remotely hosted version […]

How to turn your WordPress Website into a Social Network

I like WordPress and i like the way i can do things in WordPress. This is the reason i always look for ways to do greater things with WordPress. Few weeks ago i proved that you can make a full featured Social Bookmarking Website with wordpress. Today i will show you how you can build […]

WordPress to drop support for PHP 4 and MySQL 4

Why wordpress is so beloved by non-tech people ? Because they never encounter errors like: “WordPress does not support your PHP version” or “To use wordpress you need to have PEAR lib installed, contact your web hosting provider for support”. Some people may never seen this, but if you are used to install different kinds […]